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Hi all,
Welcome to our journal. This is our "about" page. It was last updated on April 13, 2015.

You may notice that I use the "I" and "we" pronouns somewhat interchangeably. We identify as mid-continuum multiple. We used to have the diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder )aka multiple personality disorder) but it got taken away for a reason we won't get into right now. We do have a host, Astrid, and the others identify as insiders or alters, though we don't mind being called headmates or system mates or whatever term you prefer. We hav eno intention of integrating into one person. Sometimes, we will sign our names at the bottom of a post, but sometiems we forget or more of us are writing. In that case, you can jsut address us as Authentique.

We identify as multiply-disabled, though soem of our disabilities affect each of us differently. Diagnosed disabilities are autism and blidnness. We self-identify with pretty much every neurodiverse condition under the sun (except for learning disabilities). We also carry a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and have many mental health issues associated with that. We will often write about our mental health.

We use this journal to explore our faith too. Many of us identify as Jesus followers, though some don't and some have other beliefs. We derive meaning from many spiritual and religious sources.

We are in a relationship with our husband. Due to complex care needs related to our disabilities, we don't live together. We reside in a mental institution in the Netherlands.

Our posts will be restriced to our access list, but we have a liberal adding policy. In fact, unless we know you in real life or you're a troll, we will grant you access if you ask. We don't use filters right now because we're clueless about them.

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